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>> well, you've never heard rush like this before. you'll hear much more right here tomorrow night. we're going one-on-one with rush limbaugh. part two of our evening. go to lots going on there. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five"." obama care exchanges will open for business two months from today and the administration is scrambling even though the bill was signed into law over 40 months ago. nobody seems to want a part of the bill including people in his own administration. today the head of the irs dedicated to much of the oversight said he doesn't want to participate. >> why are your employees trying
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to exempt themselves from the law that you are attached to enforce? >> i don't want to speak -- i can speak for myself. i can stay with the current policy i am pleased with rather than going through a change if i don't need to go through a change. >> at the white house carney asked about staffers who don't want to have to live under obama care and are trying to get out of it. >> i think this is something that i would refer you to congress on. we are clearly about the business of implementing the law that congress wrote and passed. >> his own people don't want it like it is cooties. >> these people have the best health care coverage in america, people in administration on capitol hill give themselves everything. of course they don't want to go
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to something. >> you know what, they are not the only people that feel this way. look at the union. you know what the health bill is? you ever go to the gas station late at night and that rotating machine of hot dogs and that one hot dog, that is the health care bill. everybody looks at the hot doll and they go i'm not eating that hot dog. >> you take it. >> i do take it but for other reasons. health care is hated by everybody and nobody wants to admit it. obama nominated john as the new head of the irs. he is an expert in turning this institution around because it is in need of reform. why would you need reform if it was a phony scandal. apparently, it is not a phony scandal. calling the irs a phony scandal is like calling ariel castro a
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misunderstood boyfriend. >> i think i liked you better with the shades yesterday. >> shutup. >> here is the deal. the union will help get obama care pushed through. now they don't want to be part of it because if they keep the health care that president obama said you keep your own health care you keep your own doctor. if they keep it they are going to get taxed. the union members are going to have to come up with $100,000 worth of taxable income and they don't want it. the point is this is all political payback. this is president obama saying i really need this. you have to get this thing through and he did. now they are asking for waivers. the staffers, members of congress and senate themselves will have to be under obama care with the exception of leadership. so the leaders of both parties in the various committees get to stay on their own health care cadillac plans. >> how is that fair?
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>> it is like picking and choosing who is going to win and lose. lehman brothers going bankrupt. >> i wish we had a comment from the white house. >> not this white house. i always try to explain their side. it doesn't mean i am for their side. one of the things asking of hhs and office of personnel management which oversees federal employees is can you tell us are we not going to provide subsidies to our employees. this is what employers all over the nation are trying to decide. they don't have the option of telling staffers you are not going to be able to work 40 hours a week. give us certainty so we can make plans because what is happening is you have a lot of staffers and a lot did work against the bill. they weren't successful. they are starting to leave
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capitol hill on search of other things. members of congress are worried. i think senator coburn would say leadership and members of congress would have to pay the normal fee. >> they should. >> the brain drain. >> their staff is worried. you are talking about out of pocket expenses. say you make $70,000 a year and you have to pay 80,000 or $10,000 more a year for your health plan that is a lot of money out of pocket. >> wouldn't it be nice if the irs and various unions would say prior to this point that we are okay with obama care and will take it. >> i told you guys on monday this is coming to a head. this is going to come to a head. i don't know. i think this time i don't think they are going. >> unions are going to get a pass on it. >> if they would agree, if the house would agree to do peace
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meal measures like the medical device measure task that has bipartisan support headed by two from minnesota. the house doesn't want to do that for strategic reasons. >> they were exempted for five years and want another five years. these people are enjoying the most unbelievable health care benefits of anybody in america. >> unions? >> unions have good plans. >> that is just capitol hill. >> so unions should be exempt or should not be exempt? >> i think they should not be exempt but they will get exempt. >> we can all be exempted. >> the interesting thing is who is selling this plan. doctors aren't selling the plan because they can't sell this plan because people know it is a joke. so who is selling it? celebrities are selling it. my feeling is if celebrities are selling it, when president obama needs surgery oprah should do
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it. >> american medical association -- >> we talked about unions. we talked about capitol hill. let's talk about the impact of health care on you, on families and see whether or not you are getting a fair deal. >> the president promised that will lower premiums up to $2,500 for a typical family so they will see a $2,500 reduction. >> i can't say. we are not releasing information. >> certainly you can understand why citizens are concerned on what is going to be a very large expense for their families that we can't have any sort of prediction in terms of where this is going to be after several years of so-called implementation. >> i find predictions are not very useful. >> somebody that can use obama care around here, bob beckel. >> "usa today" health care costs have gone down for the first
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time in 12 years. i wonder why. the fact is they have gone down. >> why? you can't just say everything is great. health care costs have gone down because the economy sucks. that is why health care cost has gone down. health care premiums, the insurance that you pay has gone up. so there is the disconnect. that is why you have to have more competition in the system. >> how can you buy car insurance across state lines but you can't buy -- are you okay? >> he coughs when he talks. >> throw it out to the table. how can you buy car insurance and life insurance across state lines but not health insurance. wouldn't that drive costs down. >> two things need to change in this bill and the second is --
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>> and third is the medical device tax. what is left. once you strip away all of the things what is left? >> if you sell your house for more than $400,000 the sales price above it you are taxed at 2.5%. that is obama care. >> can you stop hitting me in the arm? >> obama care failed system. >> this bill everybody keeps talking about it, i want to see concrete examples. >> we gave them to you. >> two insurers pulled out of georgia yesterday because they are not going to be able to compete. >> that is the goal. government says all your states and insurers are saying no and the open arms of government says we will take care of you. >> do you think for a minute insurance companies are going to go anywhere where they can't
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make money? they are the single biggest distorters of health care costs. >> the government is. >> no it's not. >> if you didn't have the government involved in medical coverage or health coverage it would be a competitive market place and we would know what we are paying for. >> you want to do away with medicare? >> i would like a free market. >> stay on this for a second. if the government says here is your premium and insurers have to charge this to meet their cost where are you going to go? >> you are assuming that you are buying the argument that that is their cost. these guys have been ripping people off. >> the government has been ripping us off. >> that is a part of it, too. the insurance companies sent prices arbitrarily and make a huge amount of money. >> they make a very, very small
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profit compared to what the government does. >> that's what they say. >> and they actually run a business that is profitable unlike the government. >> who are in the insurance companies? tla called human beings. they make a living. the government sucks them dry. >> just because you are tired you are in a bad mood. >> i have a couple of comments. number one, what is up with the wonder woman cops on the irs? he must be making a lot of money because his cuffs are bigger than bowling. let's talk about free stuff you can get from your government. even if you are not on welfare did you hear about this story? national review writer said she got three shiny new obama phones. i would like just one because this phone doesn't work. what do you think of the story? >> i downloaded the application
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for an obama phone to see what it looked like. i was going to try and get one but i realized i'm not going to perjure myself to do it. you have to have certain levels of income or be on certain assistance. "wall street journal" did a piece and found that 41% of the people with these life line phones couldn't prove that they fell in one of those categories or refused to answer which means it is wrought with wage, fraud and abuse. what about food stamps? $100 million program. >> i think the fraud and the waste is terrible. do you want to take away life line phones from people who need them? >> i want to take it away from people who don't need them. do you see the problem? >> i see the reason was an important thing where people who needed help would have a line. >> i think you have more people
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abusing it than the life line. >> that is not accurate. >> this is a problem. this is also systemic. it is not just one isolated case. we have the fraud with food stamps, as well. they need to really get in there and clean it up because otherwise they are being frivolous with taxpayer dollars and are not caring about fraud. >> there was fraud and abuse from the time it was started. >> i think we do have to have more oversight. >> if the world was a poker table america has become the sucker that you invite over to clean them out. it is now a magnet for fraud and scammers and loafers. the pursuit of happiness is now the pursuit of your wallet. regulating nature of the market place. the invisible hand is now in your back pocket. and it is the government because the government is now a target for scammers.
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united states, the s stands for scam and everybody is in on it. >> is that an invisible hand in your pocket? >> you know what the problem is, it is not invisible. president obama is so arrogant about it he isn't even trying to hide the hand. >> who are the hands behind your business when they ripped off people with mortgages? >> what are you talking aboutt? >> your business. >> my reinvestment act, bob, that is what caused it. >> i heard what you said. not one of them had taken a walk, not one of them. >> why hasn't eric holder prosecuted? >> he should have. ahead on "the five" ariel castro facing justice today in court after torturing three
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women for a decade. >> i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. you will die a little every day. >> you will hear more from michele knight and castro himself when "the five" returns. stay with us.
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adulterated evil. >> i am not a monster. i am just sick. i have an addiction like an alcoholic has an addiction. alcoholics cannot control their addiction. i couldn't control my addiction. >> not a monster and you are sick. you are a monster and you are sick. here is how sick castro is. >> went on in that house and all of it was -- it is totally wrong. there were times that they would ask me. >> consensual. was it consensual when amanda berry and gina de jesus and michele knight were raped. did michele knight consent to you punching her belly until she
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miscarried. prison has its own. kimberly, you must be outraged. he actually said some of these women asked to have sex with him. >> i don't consider him mentally ill at all. i consider him to be pure evil. this is the worst kind of excuse for a human being. this man is a vial disgusting pig and the fact he would try to say it was consensual having sex with children shows how vial he is. they are going to keep him away from the rest of the inmates where he would get true swift justice. >> i want to get to dana. i got to tell you. the women on twitter are outraged. men are, too. >> what i could see today was a
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universal sickening. i agree that this is evil. and there is really one way to root it out of the system is to keep him away. i guess the ultimate justice comes later at the end of his life but he does not deserve to live. >> he doesn't. if there was ever a case that calls out for a death penalty and exterminating this scum it is this case. i would have a hard time as a prosecutor not to go forward with it and the only reason is to spare the three young women the torture of going through it again. amanda berry is trying to protect her little girl to not talk about it. >> can i makeint here? for those of you used to "the five" being meticial s. he did that thing with the
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teleprompter. why do you get that? >> when you do that many horrible things to children. >> who do you look at me? >> the time adds up. they are stacking the charges and running it consecutively instead of concurrently. that should shock people that is how many crimes he committed, how many times he violated these young women. that is what it adds up to. >> this is why the thousand year sentence is just b.s. people say this person is going to rot in prison. they say that to soothe the victims. nobody rots in prison. they get fat, read books, eat and watch tv. i have a solution because i come here with solutions. if anybody has ever seen the movie called "the skin i live in" the best plastic surgeons. you give that guy breast
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implants and turn him into a hot chick and set him loose. let the rapists become the rapes. >> here are inspirational words. >> you took 11 1/2 years of my life away and i have got it back. i spent 11 years of hell. now your hell is just beginning. i will overcome all of this that happened. i will live on. you will die a little every day. after 11 years i am finally being heard and it is liberating. thank you all. i love you. god bless you. >> very inspiring. >> it seems to me -- i'm an outsider but they seem to be
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getting the care and counseling they need for the rest of their lives. they have the good will of the nation and the world behind them. it is remarkable. >> also please know she is special needs. and he was particularly brutal to her. she is the one that he violently aborted her child. and she has a young boy at home she wasn't able to see and talks about how difficult it was at missing time knowing she was missing her child. >> the promise of helping her get a puppy for her son. >> one element that should really anger people like bob beckel is those who use the rhetoric of addiction to gain sympathy over things that are so heinous. it's like i am the victim. i am the one who should be getting sympathy. >> he is right. i'm not a monster.
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i am sick. >> it's an excuse used 10,000 times by 10,000 people. if you really are addicted there is a way to get better. you don't take kids down to the basement and decide to get better that way. i wish they put him in the general population. >> he kept them in rooms that were closed and dark and had them chained with dog leashes. he is going to end up in a segregated community and hopefully in solitaire where he is not let out. let him know what it is like to be confined like that in darkness. >> we are going to leave it there. major league baseball about to drop the hammer on a-rod anytime now. how harsh should his punishment be?
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after more than a month of eating airport food, listening to overhead announcements and wondering if he would get out of the airport edward snowden was allowed to enter russian territo territory. the country granted him asylum for one year. the white house is not pleased. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite our clear and lawful requests in public and private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. this move by the russian
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government undermines a long standing record of law enforcement cooperation. >> extremely disappointed and undermine. those are strong words. >> you can be sure that was run by the state department. i think the russians are basically using snowden for other things. they are in the middle of very complicated of strategic arms limitations agreements and i think he is getting mixed up in this. >> you had an interesting phone call right before we came on to the set here. can you reveal? >> we are in the green room. the phone rings and it is edward snowden's father. i do you want to weigh in. specifically, is this a putin thumbing his nose at president obama. he wanted to thank putin.
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whatever happened to obama he said was a self-inflicted injury the way the department of justice and obama administration has handled themselves and wants nothing more. >> did he have a suggestion? >> from the beginning he said his son should come home and face justice at breaking the law. he said he is just a dad who loves his son and just an american. >> he wanted him to come home and go to trial. >> some of the things the nsa were doing were an overreach. >> why did he run to begin with, they want to expose the u.s. government why don't you go about it in the right way? go to the supervisors and the
11:34 pm
person above that supervisor. take your complaint. >> to the cabinet level lied in front of congress. >> can we just run fast in here the nsa's budget came within seven votes of getting beaten in the house floor. there will be legislation. >> in other news al qaeda is on the rise. >> we haven't spoken. >> i just would like to see this great hero, edward snowden really, really speak truth to power, stand up to putin and say why have you beaten the hell out of gays. they are setting an antimessage for the olympics. here you have a guy condemning america, taking refuge in a place -- >> an enemy. >> i wouldn't call them an enemy but abuse gays and use children
11:35 pm
as pawns in adoption. this is an awful guy. he is now a pawn of putin. he can't speak truth to power. >> he is a pop. >> what are they doing? >> i think we have to do an entire segment on that on the olympics. i had a suggestion because ed snowden has been in the moscow airport for so long and had time to plan out. i came up with a bit of an itinerary some of the things he might want to check. first one would be to see the site of where novgorod mysteriously plunged to his death in 2007 making him one of the many journalists who died under questionable circumstances in putin's russia. you can see the business guy
11:36 pm
held in a siberian prison. you should get a meeting with the one sentenced to five years for embezzlement because he is a critic of putin himself. he is on appeal. maybe they can meet up and have a coffee or a vodka. >> i'm sure russia wasn't his first choice. >> his first choice was hong kong. >> my point is there is no excuse for going to russia and russia thumbs its nose at the u.s. >> i have to go. >> do you want to wave it around? >> you got a new one. >> i know where you get that because it makes your hands look big. >> no. it was the right size. >> changed my mind.
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>> you are about to -- >> something for president obama involving beer and fracking in north dakota. you are going to want to stick around.
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mother's got to talk. >> it is time for an economics lesson for our president who can't see the connections between one industry and another. if you asked him where diplomas came from he would tell you. ask him where oil comes from and he will say the oil fairy.
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take the boom, one boom begets another boom and it is boom, boom, boom. the beer institute ranks north dakota as number one in the u.s. in state consumption. they are getting tanked after filling our tanks and good for them because north dakota is the nexus of the fracking revolution creating tons of jobs. it is also driving obama crazy. what do you do when the solution to your problems isn't your solution? why couldn't it be solar panels. in north dakota they are drinking because they are prospecting. shale is driving young men to drink. obama is driving everyone else. that is the problem with with an ivy league education. it leaves out how the world actually works. if obama understood that by creating something you create other things you would see the destructiveness of government
11:43 pm
programs. handing someone food stamps does not create a food stamp boom. it just creates people on food stamps. obama went to harvard, the best and the brightest which explains the mess we are in now. >> didn't you go to berkeley? >> yeah. don't remember a single moment of it because i was drinking. >> all of those weird people with burken stock shoes. >> where do you want him to begin? >> i was pointing out some really interesting numbers. >> so much natural gas around. >> just from you. >> please tell me about it. >> go ahead. >> why can't they put it in vehicles? >> i don't understand why they can't deliver it in vehicles? >> the private sector announced they are going to have it. they are trying. this is difficult.
11:44 pm
>> the transmission you have to bring gas everywhere. can i point something out quickly. 1.7 million jobs created by fracking. $65 billion in tax revenue. expected to be 150 billion by 2020. we are having an oil boom here no thanks to president obama. when the fracking first started there were all of these environmental concerns. gas town remember that movie they loved. the bottom line is now all of a sudden it is working and we are getting off dependency on foreign oil. >> we need to open a bar. if we were smart we would open a bar and invest in something like a franchise because people have money to spend and they want to have a good time. they are producing more oil by the day than they are drinking beer by the day. >> you want to open a bar?
11:45 pm
>> i would open a beer garden. it would be fabulous. people would socialize and have sausage and chicken wings. >> there ain't a lot there to do. >> that is why it is a great investment opportunity because oil creates other jobs. they need cross fit and places for people to blow off steam and they need jobs. >> that was the point. >> that is a problem. >> it is a problem. there is a problem. there is a supply and demand problem. >> last word? >> anything? >> i was not. you were talking about it and you directed a conversation. >> do you know that the number one highest number of sales for any mcdonalds in the world is in
11:46 pm
north dakota. the number one sales for corvettes north dakota. >> how did you get those statistics? >> from the beckal institute. >> we have to take a break. there are reports that a-rod is striking a deal to prevent him from being banned for life from the diamond. i love hockey. bob has breaking details next.
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i know a lot of you are feeling badly for me because i have been so beat up here. i am bloodied, broken. >> we are waiting for word from major league baseball. the latest reports say yankees slugger alex rodriguez is negotiating a deal with the league to avoid a lifetime ban. he showed up at practice in florida today. in 2007 a-rod denied doping but changed his tune two years later. >> have you ever used steroids,
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human growth hormone or any other performance enhancing substance? >> no. >> have you ever been tempted to use any of those things? >> no. i did take a banned substance and for that i am very sorry and deeply regretful. >> well, a-rod we are glad you feel badly about this. under major league baseball rules the first time you broke a rule you should have 50 games suspension, second 100 games. and the third you should be banned for life. why is this guy gets a walk like this? >> this is hypocrisy. everyone enhances their careers. should newscasts be banned from using botox. if that was the case fnc would collapse.
11:52 pm
>> i get so much hate mail when i say this. if there is no direct link in my opinion between steroid use and any major disease. let them do it. you can't police it. >> they are not banning steroid use because it hardens arteries? because it is performance enhancing. >> don't you want to enhance your performance. >> let me ask the expert here on this -- not on botox. she is not. she doesn't use anything like that, have you ever used steroids? >> this is what i know. i have a great new dress --
11:53 pm
>> what is wrong? >> consequences for unlawful actions or going against policy seems that is the right thing to do. >> why do you defend this guy? >> my point is it shouldn't be a policy to not allow performance enhancing? >> can he smoke pot? >> do you know how many new york editors are on adderall? if you took it away they would miss every deadline. >> one more thing is up next.
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so time for one more thing. said that nice and politely. >> i wanted to just mark this occasion for the thing that we have in common with president obama. yesterday when he went to the democrats on capitol hill and was talking to them about one of the things he has on his plate is to choose a new fed chairman. there is a debate about whether it is janett yellin or larry summers. he complained about the coverage from the huffington post for complaining about the liberal skewing outlet. he has walked a mile in my 5 1/2
11:58 pm
shoes. my feet are small. >> unbelievable. >> she buys her shoes at american girl. >> are you upset? >> somebody call the pouty police. >> calls it the wam bulance. >> happy 25th anniversary to a good friend, mr. rush limbaugh. 25 years on air. excellent in broadcasting network. congratulations. a quote from his website, if you want to stay in the business you better go into sales. >> do you know when i work at the american spectator i worked in the mail room. he would with spend unsolicited
11:59 pm
manuscripts and wouldn't read them. >> absolutely nothing wrong with those guys. >> my point. >> say what you were saying? >> that is my point on o'reilly later.
12:00 am
>> he found 2.05 dimamond call me. >> that is it for . welcome to "red eye." it's like growing pains. if by pains you mean a highly potent strain of top grade stuff that could be yours for a low price if you meet me at the designated location tonight at 3:00. mr. dobbs. let's go to andy levy. what's going on on tonight's show. >> top story tonight, after russia granted temporary asylum, edward snowden leaves the moscow airport where he was hold up. nice, obama. plus, sales of rolling stone doubles after putting in places of tsarnaev on the cover. stay with

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